Monday Motivation – Mr. Nanni

Apr 4, 2017 | Blog

Palm Garden Monday Motivation GEM

Dear Palm Garden Family,

Want some Monday motivation? I’d like you to meet Mr. Nanni.

There’s his smiling face – beaming with pride. He insists his friends call him “Ugo” but some know him as the Mayor of Reddington Beach. Ugo was born all the way up in Oakfield, New York. That’s where he met the love of his live and best friend. They married and raised two beautiful daughters- Karen and Sherrill. He’s had a pretty fantastic life. He worked in quality control for Trojan Industries- they made tractor-trailers. Every day he went to work and provided for his family. It didn’t feed his soul but it provided for the ones he loved and he and his wife were able to travel the world.

You probably noticed one of Ugo’s passions in his picture. See those paintings next to him? They are his. He is a self-taught artist and his work in pencil and oils is amazing. His lighthouse looks as if you are staring out a window- it’s that good.

His other passion is a little complicated. He became the “Mayor of Reddington Beach” because when his wife of 65 years passed, fishing was his only comfort. That’s his other passion. Fishing. I promise- you meet this man and you feel like you are better for it. You know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you? Because you were drawn to the Palm Garden Family for exactly that reason. You know underneath all the sickness, all of the age- there’s a human being with a rich tapestry of life. You know a hundred people like Ugo- each different and special. And it’s our guests and residents that get us up in the morning.

This beautiful, tender man and his loving daughters had nearly lost hope. They really didn’t want to give another rehabilitation center a try based on a bad experience with another post-acute care center. And yet there he is- all smiles. His daughters explained to me that even THEY were apprehensive about trying another rehabilitation center. And when Ugo was discharged late on a Friday night again they were pretty sure another negative experience awaited them.

But even after 7:00 PM on a Friday, Mr. Nanni and his daughters were welcomed- “we’ve been expecting you Mr. Nanni, these must be your daughters.” Our team members at Palm Garden of Largo at every level have worked together from start to finish to make sure this treasure of a man has a great experience. His room is now adorned with his amazing paintings.

I think Ugo said it best- “Everybody is great here and they treat me like I am family. By the way, even when I was at home I shuffled when I walked. Therapy is so good here I don’t shuffle anymore.”

That’s the impact we have when we treat people The Palm Garden Way “…it’s my pleasure.”

Clinical excellence combined with service excellence makes us a world-class organization. Every guest, every resident, every time. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is how we are making healthcare great again The Palm Garden Way.

We are just so proud of our Palm Garden Family!

Kind regards,

Luke Neumann
Senior Director of Service
And Relationship Development

Resident with paintings of the beach next to him