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Testimonial from a previous resident explaining that her care was great and she would recommend Largo to anyone.

Subject: Palm Garden Largo Florida

Dear friends,

When I am working on strategic projects I often time do not remember the purpose of the facilities. I listen to the rhetoric from leadership. On those rare occasions when I visit a facility without leadership surrounding me I am able to observe firsthand and I am able to recognize the differences between facilities.

This past weekend I had the opportunity of visiting a friend who had been transferred from the hospital to Palm Gardens of Largo on Starkey Road. During this visit, I observed an immaculate facility with friendly personnel. I asked my friend many questions related to her stay at your facility and learned that she was extremely pleased with her care, the quality of the food and the many activities she had in addition to the physical rehab she was undergoing.

You should be very proud of your facility and the people who are staffing it.



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To: The Director of Nursing
Dear Linda,
I want to thank all of the CNA’s and nurses who cared for me while I was a resident here at Palm Garden. The CNA’s who cared for me so kindly were Kimberly, Donna, Cindy, Maddy, Todd, Melinda, Bill, Tyler, and Emily. I wish to compliment the various nurses who took care of me and kept my husband informed. Liz, when asked what a condyle fracture was, looked it up on the internet with her own personal tablet and explained it to me. The other nurses who cared for me were Robin, Melinda, Tumeka, Mary, Steve, Cori, and Cheryl. When I couldn’t bear weight¬†on one leg everyone cooperated to assist me in my everyday needs.
– Roseann M. –